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Bellfield Estate Status



18 September 2018
Bulk earthworks and civil works for stage one are due to commence in Quarter 4, 2018.

15 October 2017
Bellfield Estate Limited acquired the property from Motleon Limited.

23 January 2017
On 15 December 2016 Commissioners approved the plan change request and Stage 1 development.  A copy of their report is attached, together with a copy of the associated public notice dated 21 December 2016.  Detailed design is continuing to enable development to commence for the beginning of the next earthworks season.

9 September 2016
Submissions on the plan variation and qualifying development applications closed on 1/9/16.  Only 12 submissions were received.  Of those; only four were in opposition.  We believe the low number of submissions is testament to the consultation undertaken and the quality of the application and the development outcomes.  Also, on 15/9/16 the Government will pass legislation that affords the Bellfield Road SHA more time to complete its’ statutory process.  We are hoping to have a hearing and receive a decision by the end of this year, which will enable the project to commence next year.

26 July 2016
We have added another tab to the website entitled Application Summary, which provides a planning synopsis of the applications.

25 July 2016
Full copies of all information submitted with the plan variation and qualifying development applications are now available here. You can also now visit for information on the consultation being undertaken by Auckland Council in respect of the legacy design to Opaheke Park.

21 July 2016
All plans and reports are now complete and we will be lodging the ‘qualifying development’ application with Auckland Council tomorrow. Thereafter Auckland Council will manage the processing path of the application, including public notification. Meantime all plans and reports will be available on the website early next week, and we are having public open days in the staffroom of Rosehill Intermediate next Wednesday and Thursday between 4pm-7pm. Auckland Council will also be undertaking consultation on the proposed legacy design to Opaheke Park. That plan is included in the Concept Plans tab of the website. The design integrates the proposed residential development with Opaheke Park and will be undertaken contemporaneously with the first stage of development and will be largely funded by the project.

17 June 2016
We have uploaded the latest proposed development concept plan to the website. Substantial technical work is now well advanced, but ongoing. We intend having another public open day late next month.

15 December 2015
After more than a year’s work we now have a base stormwater model that has been peer reviewed and also endorsed by Auckland Council. Throughout the first half of 2016 the model will be used to test various scenarios, refine the concept plan, and then be reported on as part of the assessment and consenting processes. A further update will be provided by mid-2016.

2 March 2015
Detailed storm water modelling is underway to inform the development concept. This work is expected to take the majority of 2015 to complete.